Thursday, November 11, 2010

Murase Minnow by Tatsuya Murase

Mr. Tatsuya Murase, 57 years old, has started his lure making career in 1970's. His home ground is Lake Ashio-ko, Hakome, where one of the originations of lake trout fishing in Japan. Therefore, Murase Minnow has been developed for trout fishing at lakes. Judging from its shape (the straight line of its berry side), you will understand that Murase Minnow is designed for long-distance casting.

Tatsuya has not changed the shape of Murase Minnow so much for more than 30 years, but tried different materials like balsa, plastic and wood (the present version is made from balsa).

Same as HMKL, Murase Minnow is one of the pioneers of Japanese handmade lures. Tatsuya is also a co-author of the book "The Minnow Making".

Currently he operates his own craft shop and produces not only lures but also fish mounts. You can buy Murase Minnow directly from his shop (BTO and domestic order only). The price is between $50 and $120.

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