Friday, January 7, 2011

RIVET by Masahiro Hiramoto

Masahiro Hiramoto, a 58 years-old, was born and brought up in Kanagawa. His hometown was very close to Lake Tsukui, one of the most popular lakes for lure fishing in Japan. Therefore, it was quite natural for him to be familiar with lure fishing.

Old RIVET (Camber Type, 1987)

It was the influence from H.M.K.L why Masahiro's has started handmade lure making. But soon, he became a top-level handmade lure maker. What made him famous was camber type minnows with real fish skin.

Fish skin is put on the back side
He was also dedicated to writings about fishing-related books. "The Minnow Making" (introduced in H.M.K.L posting) was actually planned by Masahiro.

Silver Foil Finished Type (Present)

At the peak time in the late 1980s, Masahiro had more than 1,000 pieces of back orders, however, he fell sick and stopped making them for a long time.

Pencil Bait Type (Present)

Fortunately, as he recovered from the illness, he has come back to the handmade lure making world in 2001. Currently he is taking orders via his website on an irregular base. They are very expensive ($100 - $700 each), but every time they are sold out quickly. His old RIVET are also traded with premium among collectors. 

  Shell Finish Type (Present)

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