Saturday, January 15, 2011

WOODBAIT by Tatsumi Endoh

WOODBAIT, made by Tatsumi Endoh, were the first "real" type minnows in Japan. Originally Tatsumi was a furniture worker but started selling his lures around 1985. Of course, there had already been other real type lures at that time, but WOODBAIT were very unique because of their three-dimensional shapes.

Not same as other typical handmade minnows, WOODBAIT are made from agathis wood, not balsa wood. 

What his great point is that he has been producing high-quality lures for more than 25 years. 

WOODBAIT were presented to George W Bush in 2008 as Tatsumi's friend heard President Bush loves bass fishing and arranged this compliment through American Embassy.

WOODBAIT are sold around $100 - $150 constantly in the market. You can purchase them from a couple of fishing stores' websites.

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